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In all environments where hygiene and health come first, MEDIGENIC keyboards and mice are a safe bet.



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MEDIGENIC wasserdichte Maus und Tastatur

MEDIGENIC keyboards and mice facilitate compliance with specified hygiene standards thanks to their quick cleaning and moisture resistance. 

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Optimal typing feeling

The MEDIGENIC keyboards give good sensory feedback. This enables fast and secure data entry. The 3D surface of the keypad simulates the feel of a keyboard with standard keys, making it easier to position your fingers.

Safe and clean 

The flat and ergonomic keyboard design with IP65 protection and an abrasion-resistant and removable surface enables quick cleaning with all approved hospital disinfectants. The moisture-resistant silicone-based surface is impermeable to liquids, latex-free and extremely durable.



 The MEDIGENIC Essential is an easy-to-clean keyboard that is perfectly suited for use in the medical environment. The hypoallergenic keypad is free of latex and other irritating materials.



MEDIGENIC Compliance offers all the benefits of the Essential Keyboard plus three-level backlighting. An integrated cleaning alarm reminds the operating personnel when it's time to clean it. The keyboard recognizes a successful cleaning automatically.



The MEDIGENIC Wireless can be used flexibly: The wireless keyboard has the same features as the Essential models, but also works at a distance of up to 10 meters.



Like the compliance keyboard, the compact keyboard has a cleaning alarm and backlight - but it's more compact. This makes it perfect for cramped spaces.


Scroll mouse

Like the keyboards, the MEDIGENIC scroll mouse is insensitive to antibacterial sprays or liquid detergents because it is made of flexible silicone material. The ergonomic mouse has three buttons (left, right, centre) and a scroll function.

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