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The term "X-ray accessories" combines a variety of different products into one family. Each one has its own requirement profile and special purpose.

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Radiation protection

Every MAVIG product is subject to high quality guidelines and must undergo numerous testing procedures before it is declared fit for the market. For maximum user and patient safety.

Chemically resistant
Medical tissue
Certified medical device

Personal protective suits (PPE)

The special material composition of the two outer materials ComforTex HPMF and ComforTex HPMF Hybrid ensures a high barrier protection function, which excludes the penetration of infectious agents and their carrier media, such as liquids and solid particles.

To best meet your needs in everyday work, the MAVIG ComforTex HPMF outer material for X-ray protective clothing has been developed even further. With ComforTex HPMF Hybrid, MAVIG combines maximum wearer comfort with optimum hygiene and cleaning properties.

The closest side to the body is still made with the ComforTex HPMF, which maintains the accustomed wearing comfort. At the same time, the outer surface shows significantly improved hygiene and cleaning properties thanks to the new special coating.

Mobile walls

To ensure that radiation protection walls do not become a disturbance factor in a room, the objectives must be set high as early as the design and development stage. All requirements at the workplace must be taken into account, combining the needs of personnel, process methodology and equipment. MAVIG produces mobile shields from the most modern protective material in a variety of options, individually tailored to your wishes.

Lower body protection systems

Lower body protective systems are an integral part of every radiation protection concept for interventional radiology. They substantially reduce secondary radiation. However, optimum protection is only achieved in the combination of ceiling-mounted radiation protection and lower body protection with an attachment. The lower body protection blocks radiation from underneath the table and shields
the examiner's lower extremities and genital area.

Ask us for special solutions, for instance for operating tables.

Curtain systems

Conventional components from the standard program of the suppliers of shading systems are not designed for the special requirements and weights in radiation protection. Flawless radiation protection planning, good optics and functional system construction lead to the perfect result you desire.

Goggles and visors

X-ray protective goggles for radiation users are designed to protect against scattered radiation. It is now known that there is already a risk of cataracts from a radiation exposure of 0.5 Gy. MAVIG goggles and visors are specifically designed to protect medical personnel during radiological applications. They allow a significant reduction of radiation exposure for the eye lenses and large parts of the facial skull. Glasses with optical lenses can be worn comfortably under the visors without restricting the field of vision.