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All-in-One PC

The SILENIO computer was developed especially for everyday use in hospitals and clinics. The results are impressive: this medical PC is light, powerful and works without a fan.

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Silenio C

SILENIO Computer

Fully equipped for all applications, the SILENIO is a powerful all-in-one PC ideally suited as a workplace computer in hospitals and clinics. The SILENIO is also an excellent choice for mounting on a monitor arm in the operating theater.

Certified medical device
equipment diversity
Slim hygienic design
VESA compatible
Silenio all-in-one PC in 22" and 24" sizes

Areas of use 

• Central sterile services department (CSSD)

• Emergency

• Shock room

• Mobile ward rounds (on a trolley)

• Documentation workstation

The 22" and 24" SILENIO is quiet, slim and modern. The SILENIO has a smooth, closed front and back and works without a fan.

Configurable up to


i5/i7 – 6th gen.


up to 16 GB

Hard drive

up to 512 GB


The SILENIO has an IP65-rated front and no vents, which means it can be cleaned quickly and easily with disinfectant spray or wipes. The cable connections are optimally protected by a hygiene cover.

More about IP ratings

Medical device

The SILENIO C  is a class 1 medical device. This guarantees that it is safe for use in the patient's vicinity.


The device is controlled solely by a command bar which also functions when the user is wearing surgical gloves.

Touch display 

The computer is available with an optional PCAP multi-touch screen that recognizes gestures with up to 10 fingers.