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Digital LCD terminal for displaying and recording workflow information in the clinical environment.



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In operating theatres, planning and transparency are key to ensuring smooth processes in the often-stressful everyday life. The occupancy of operating theatres plays a central role here - and nursing staff need to know what is happening in there at any given time. We've solved this challenge with our digital terminal DOORSIGN and its easy integration into the IP infrastructure.

Slim hygienic design
Long-term availability
Aluminum casing

Aims and use cases

Keeping the operating theatre staff informed

  • Status of the current surgery (e.g. suture, cut)
  • Infection status of the patient (e.g. hepatitis, AIDS)
  • Warnings (e.g. use of X-ray, laser)
  • Room status (e.g. being cleaned, free)

The hidden becomes visible

The 10-inch LCD terminal with touch function and coloured illumination clearly displays all important workflow information. In addition, it offers optional reading and release devices such as RFID, SmartCard and barcode readers. The terminal meets the highest hygienic standards, which means that hospitals can use it primarily in the operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency rooms.

Optimised workflow

When a patient is brought into the induction room, all necessary and previously defined data is transferred directly from the HIS to the client. Here the procedure is created and transmitted back to the KIS via HL7 message.

 HL7-Nachricht an das KIS

When the patient leaves the operating room after the procedure, DOORSIGN changes the background colour and shows what happens next.


DOORSIGN then informs the staff about the patient, the procedure and the room status.

informiert DOORSIGN

Everyone with the necessary access rights has an overview of the room occupancy in the hospital.


Connection possibilities

If SMART OR MANAGER is installed as a central communication node within a video management integration, it can be used to connect the DOORSIGNs. The data connection can be used to the KIS, RIS and other subsystems via DICOM or HL7 and enables uncomplicated data exchange.
If SMART OR MANAGER is not pre-installed, the connection can also be made via DICOM or HL7 in the form of an MS Windows system service.

More about SMART OR


•All-round RGB LED light band, for displaying status information
• 10.1" (5.65 cm) PCAP touch display, 1280 x 800 pixels
• Theft protection
• Power supply via POE
• Identification (RFID, smart cards)
• Display washable and disinfectable
•  IP65-protected front
•  No ventilation slots
• Optional anodized aluminum surface or germicidal coated surface for easy wipe disinfection

• Protective glass
• High scratch resistance (gorilla glass)
• Anti-reflection coating


• Connection to hospital information systems/ server systems/ software e.g. SMART OR) HL7 and DICOM support
• Workflow management in the operating theatre areas
• Modern browser SPA



The Terminal is guaranteed:

• Protection of patient data
• Flexible and user-specific interface
• Individual definition of the background colours
• Medical requirements due to the hygienic design
• Transparency of the surgery process