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The iOi encoders and decoders enable information transmission over IP and create an easy transfer of data from any source to a selected destination. The iOi boxes are designed for simplicity, flexibility and safety in digital operating theatres. They are conceived for FULL HD and 4K.



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The iOi brand stands for information and video transmission over the IP network (Information-over-IP) as well as for optimal integration and innovation. Rein Medical offers the right solution for every application. From point-to-point solutions consisting of hardware encoders and decoders to complex OR integration requirements, we‘ll find the right concept for you.

Slim hygienic design
Long-term availability
Aluminum casing

The digital operating room

In order to be able to perform the various procedures within the OR track, a wide variety of equipment trolleys are needed. These range from the C-arm, endoscopy tower, microscope to neuronavigation. In addition to the various functionalities, the different video signals with various connection options are a particular challenge. The focus is on usability as well as flexibility, ease of maintenance and hygiene. For this reason, Rein Medical developed the iOi family consisting of hydride encoders and decoders with uniform hybrid plugs as connections.

Plug & Play

The iOi-Box has an easy-to-use hybrid connector that allows modalities to be connected quickly, easily and flexibly. It supplies the iOi with operating voltage via copper lines and transmits data via fibre optics. With the installation of our iOi hybrid patch boxes, we have developed a very user-friendly solution, as each mobile source/sink is connected to the system exclusively via the hybrid plug. The high quality and performance of this plug & play method is suitable for demanding medical environments. This is because when changing the source/sink during operation, neither synchronisation is necessary nor does it take much time. Because SMART OR saves the last configuration and maintains it

The Concept

Hybrid multi-converters are positioned on the mobile trolleys and serve as transfer points of the image management system. Mobile trolleys can be both an imaging source and a sink (monitor, conference, documentation). After the converter is connected via the hybrid connector, the functionality is recognised and fed to the system as the corresponding device. With their universal connectors, the iOi boxes stand for user-friendliness, flexibility and safety in digital operating theatres. They are designed for both FULL-HD and UHD landscapes.


The versatile iOi encoders convert both analog and digital video signals into a proprietary IP signal. Furthermore, trigger/control signals as well as status and naming are embedded. Via fiber optic lines, the data packets reach a room-based IP switch. Via our integration software, Smart OR, only the video signal is made available to the corresponding decoders. All additional information is evaluated via Smart OR.



The iOi decoder ensures that desired information is provided on any image source. It converts the received IP streams into uncompressed information. The flexible scaling ensures simple integration into high-end network environments.


Connection possibilities

If SMART OR MANAGER is installed as a central communication node within a video management integration, it can be used to connect the iOi box. The data connection can be used to the PACS, KIS, RIS and other subsystems via DICOM or HL7 and enables uncomplicated data exchange.

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Connection possibilities