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More flexibility and efficiency

Patient monitoring

Patient monitoring with a suitable central archiving function and automated access to electronic patient files helps users keep track of important information, make decisions effectively and minimize errors.

Case Study

Patient monitoring, intensive care unit

Initial situation

The process of analyzing image and video data is often workplace-dependent and limited to a small number of workstations, thus restricting mobility. Important video material is often archived on data carriers, and data is not assigned to the respective patient file.

Ausgangslage Patientenüberwahung Rein Medical


The abundance of storage options makes data security and data protection more difficult. Advances in digitization require higher security standards that outdated video technology and conventional data carriers are barely able to meet.


A video server with the Rein Medical software SMART OR manages all the video sources in the network and makes the videos available throughout the network. SMART OR facilitates access to the functions of a central image and video management system through the network.



  • Holistic solutions from one source
  • Improved workflows in the operating theater
  • Encrypted data transmission for optimum security
  • Systems can be easily positioned for greater flexibility
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Can also be used for conferences, advanced training and other applications
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